Stained Glass Windows

One of the most pervasive elements of Silesian Texan culture is a strong faith in God. The original Silesian immigrants in Texas relied on this spiritual trust to sustain them as they struggled to build homes and cultivate fields in the unpredictable Texas weather. When faced with hardships including illness and deaths of loved ones, they turned to God for help often through the intercession of the Blessed Mother.

When Silesian Texan churches were constructed as the heart of each community, beautiful stained glass windows were often donated and dedicated by families in memory of loved ones. With the bright Texas sun shining through, artistic windows depicting Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Our Lady and Joseph, and many beloved saints, are illuminated as testaments of faith.

Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church, Panna Maria, Texas
Photographs courtesy of Tanna Finley

  1. In Memory of Edward and Susanna Janysek
  2. In Memory of Jessie and Sylvia Mika
    In Memory of Paul and Anna Mika
  3. In Memory of Victor Pilarczyk
    In Memory of Mary Pilarczyk
  4. In Memory of Frances Dzyuk, Frances Olenik, and Mary Morawietz
    In Memory of Aloys and Constance Kotzur
  5. In Memory of Agatha M. Urbanczyk
    In Memory of Anton M. Urbanczyk
  6. In Thanksgiving of Adrian and Regina Foegelle – Aloys and Rosalie Pawelek
    In Memory of Charles and Proxie Pollok
  7. In Memory of Joseph Janysek
    In Memory of Carolina Janysek
  8. In Memory of Frank and Hedwig Korzekwa
    In Memory of Theodor and Eva Pollock
    In Memory of Charles and Praxyda Pollock
  9. In Memory of Frank and Mary Manka and Alex and Julia Manka
  10. In Memory of Frank Snoga
    In Memory of Anna Snoga
  11. In Memory of Barbara Dworaczyk
    In Memory of Henry and Otilia Dziuk
  12. In Memory of Joseph and Gertrude Dziuk
    In Memory of Jesse and Rosalia Pollock
  13. No Dedication
  14. In Memory of Valentine and Albertina Yanta
  15. In Memory of Jacob and Johanna Moczygemba
  16. In Memory of Joseph and Caroline Dragon
  17. In Memory of Joseph and Carolina Moczygemba
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St. Michael Catholic Church, San Antonio, Texas

Photographs courtesy of James Collins and Elaine Mazurek Stephens

The original St. Michael Catholic Church was erected in the Polish Quarter of San Antonio in 1868; however, a new, white brick church was later built in 1922.  “The blessing of the Art Glass Windows took place on December 2, 1923” (St. Michael’s Catholic Church 1866-1966 Centennial, 1966, 21st page).  The majestic church was razed to make room for the 1968 HemisFair.  The exquisite stained glass windows which had been donated by the parishioners were saved, and their inscriptions had been recorded in the parish centennial book (26th page) before the heart-breaking demolition of the historic structure. The windows were later installed in another downtown San Antonio church, Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, at 617 South Santa Rosa Boulevard (Przygoda, 1971, p. 24).  The photographs of the windows below were taken in 2010, over forty years after their removal from St. Michael Catholic Church.

Represented here are only nine images of the windows which were donated by Silesian Texans; however, there were 28 original windows listed in the parish centennial book.

  1. Donated by Theo and Pauline Magott
  2. In Memory of Isydore and Lucy Zizik  and their daughter, Theresa
  3. In Memory of Joseph and Caroline Moczygemba
  4. St. Joseph window:  In Memory of Valentine and Frances Gorrell, Sr. and Family
    St. Thomas window:  In Memory of Thomas and Anna Kiolbassa
  5. Dedicated to Rev. J. Jachtyl, Rev. P. Grzesiak, Rev. S. Przyborowski, Rev. Leo Moczygemba
  6. In Memory of Frank Pollok and Family & In Memory of Valentine Gorrell Sr. and Family
  7. Donated by Em. Morawitz and Family
  8. In Memory of Ignatz and Mary Burda and their son, Joseph
  9. In Memory of Anton and Febronia Novak
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